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My next animation

2008-11-12 21:01:24 by makotosan

Being a fan of flash hentai and -- not being a fan of flash websites -- having no better use for flash I created Hentai Elf with no intentons of sharing it with anyone. Yet share it I did, and surprisingly the overall response to my crudely crafted first attempt at animating in flash was generally positive.

With that in mind and taking the variety of reviews I received into account I decided to start again with a blank slate and create a better quality hentai flash with a few well known features from flash hentai and even a few that -- to my knowledge -- are new to the genre.

Progress is being made steadily and at a good pace, with most of the introductory frames finished and one position -- out of maybe half a dozen -- nearly finished. Some clashes with flash have resulted in slowdowns, but overall the process has been enjoyable so far.

Still trying to figure out a good source for sound effects...

My next animation


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2008-11-17 13:26:02

I will wait!
you have prevision to submit your new game/animation?

makotosan responds:

I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but I will try to answer the possibilities I can think of:

- Will there be a preview version?
Probably not, when the project a stage where a preview would be practical, it would be too close to finished to bother.

- When will you release it?
I can't give a set release date at this time. At the current pace I would estimate about two weeks.


2008-11-22 23:30:09

i like ur animation style and i must ask; do u have any other flash animations u have done ether then the hentai elf? also in elf was it rape or bondage thats a real big topic on your last game movie. oh and if u need ideas any time ask me im bad at flash but good at story lines and series so hi hi

(Updated ) makotosan responds:

No, Hentai Elf was my first flash animation. It doesn't have a theme per se, at least not one that was intended to be conveyed during its creation. That one is left up to the viewer to decide.


2008-12-15 18:36:17

so youre still going to make shitty hentai flashes instead of doing something constructive? okay.


2008-12-18 19:29:53

Keep up the good work man!